EGA offers scholarships and awards to encourage study and excellence in needlework. Amounts awarded may vary each year. For more information, contact EGA headquarters.

Our Giving heart designates scholarships and awards available only to EGA members.


Judith and Susan Richardson Initial Steps Toward Teaching Certification Scholarship

  • A scholarship to take EGA Teacher Certification in the technique of your choice.
  • Benefits teacher certification candidates in the EGA Teaching Certification Program seeking their first EGA certification.
  • Scholarship Information and Application
  • Due Date: Applications are accepted as soon as the candidate has completed the screening process

Mary-Dick Digges Scholarship

  • For the study of surface embroidery, defined as crewel embroidery, Japanese embroidery, and stumpwork.
  • Awarded by the Education Department
  • Scholarship information
  • Due Date: April 1 of each year | Recipient notified by: May 1 of each year

             2015 Scholarship Winners: Eleanor Ames, Jan Kepher

Legacy Scholarship

  • For EGA members to study the art of embroidery and the preservation of the heritage of the art of embroidery
  • Awarded by the Scholarship Review Committee
  • Scholarship Application
  • Apply online
  • Due date: January 15 of each year | Recipients notified by: March 15 of each year

    2015 Scholarship Winners: Marie-Renee Otis; Katherine Diuguid; Kristy Gordon Baty & Erin Harvey Moody

Genny Morrow Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship awarded to an EGA national seminar attendee for use at the next year’s National Seminar
  • Awarded by the Board of Directors
  • Award covers one four-day or two two-day classes in a canvas technique.
  • Information is available at each National Seminar

    2014 Scholarship Winner: Lyn Klaman

Penny Evans Memorial Scholarship

  • For EGA members for an embroidery related class, study project, or similar education offering by EGA, The Royal School of Needlework, or the City and Guilds of London Institute, in the U.S. or the U.K.
  • Awarded by the Scholarship Review Committee
  • Scholarship Application
  • Apply online
  • Due date: April 1 of each year | Recipient notified by: May 1 of each year

    2015 Scholarship Winner: Deborah Baker

Marjorie Jones Scholarship

  • Awarded to benefit students of crewel embroidery taking a crewel class at EGA’s National Seminar or an EGA region seminar.
  • Scholarship Application
  • Apply online
  • Due Date: April 15 of each year | Recipient notified by May 15 of each year

    2014 Scholarship Winner: Michele Chavez

Research Fellowship Grant Award

  • Applicants need not be members of EGA
  • Awarded for in-depth research in all areas of embroidery and allied textile arts, and to create a basis for dialogue between EGA and other grant and research institutions.
  • Grants of up to $1,000 are awarded annually.
  • Scholarship Application
  • Due Date: June 1 of each year

    2014 Grant Recipients: Cathy Hively and Cindy Valentine


Bobbie Pilling Memorial Award

  • This annual award, established to honor a treasure of EGA, a longtime supporter and former national president, Barbara (Bobbie) Pilling, is presented to an EGA member who has "gone outside the box" with an original piece of needlework that shows personal growth and artistic merit. The accompanying statement should address both personal growth and artistic merit and explain how the stitcher throught “outside the box.”
  • Award information
  • Due Date: July 1, 2016
  • Send paperwork to with Pilling Award in the subject line.

Congratulations to our three Bobbie Pilling award winners for 2014 and thanks to all who entered. There were many wonderful entries and we hope to see more great work next year!

  • First Place - "Ambrosia Honey" by Karen Matze
  • Second Place - "Bark" by Deborah Zibrik


Gold Thread Award

The annual awards recognize outstanding individuals who have given freely of their time and talents, and best exemplify EGA’s purpose. A total of 13 individuals may be acknowledged – one of each region, with a national recipient selected from among the region recipients.

  • Printable Nomination Form
  • Due Date: May 1 of each year

    2015 Gold Thread Award Winners
  • Carolinas Region: Emma Jane Mehard
  • Great Lakes Region: Diane Herrmann
  • Greater Pacific Region: Sara Zander
  • Heartland Region: Cindy Clark
  • Metropolitan Region: Priscilla DeSaro
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Cheryl Sharp
  • Mid-Eastern Region: Katie Tomlinson
  • New England Region: Kari Boardman
  • Pacific Southwestern Region: no nomination
  • Rocky Mountain Region: Vivian Wilson
  • South Central Region: Karen Heller
  • Sun Region: Marge Holmes
  • Tennesse Valley Region: Meg Welch

    National Gold Thread Award Winner: To be announced at National Seminar 2015!!

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