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2014 National Seminar

Dreams and Legends

October 18-24, 2014




where we hope to give you many opportunities to build and fulfill your dreams, and meet or learn more about a number of the legends in our world of needleart.


Registration for Dreams and Legends has officially closed.  If you find that your plans now allow you to come for classes, take a tour, or attend a special event lecture, there MAY be openings. Contact the registrar to determine availability.


If you are not registered, we encourage you to visit seminar to view the wonderful exhibits, shop the bookstore and boutique, shop at merchandise night, view or participate in the national fundraising auction, or VOLUNTEER in one of many capacities. See the seminar schedule on the website to see your many options. Come join us in any capacity! 


Contact us with questions . . . we’re here to share our knowledge.  The weather will be pleasant, the hotel and staff very welcoming, and the members of the Pacific Southwestern Region will do all in our power to make your time with us a true fulfillment of your dreams.

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