Chapter Questions

Is it permissible for EGA chapters to meet in needlework shops?

Meeting in local businesses, including local needlework shops, is permissible. If a chapter is in an area with competing needlework shops, it should strive to avoid favoritism. For instance, if two local shops are suitable and willing to host meetings or workshops, both should be given the opportunity.

Where can I find chapters in my area?

You can search our chapter directory here.

Parliamentary Procedure?

What is parliamentary procedure?

It is a set of rules for conduct at meetings that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion.

Why is parliamentary procedure Important?

Because it's a time tested method of conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. It can be adapted to fit the needs of any organization. 

Parliamentary Authority for EGA

The parliamentary authority for all of EGA is the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR). EGA national, region, and chapter bylaws are written in such a way that as a new edition of RONR is published, it automatically replaces the previous edition as EGA's parliamentary authority. This book is now in its 11th edition.

While there are many books available with "Robert's Rules" in the title, be aware that only the 2011 editions of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, published by Da Capo Press, are the current, official versions.

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief may be useful as a supplementary reference. The official RONR website may also be helpful.

Conducting Meetings

Is the business portion of a regularly scheduled meeting necessary?

Yes, if a quorum is present. According to RONR, regular meetings mean the "periodic business meetings" of an organization so it would follow that the business portion is necessary. However, members could decide to shorten a particular meeting by general consent or by a specific motion on the day of the meeting. Under general consent the presiding officer would call the meeting to order and then say something like "If there is no objection, we will dispense with the business meeting today and adjourn."

If the meeting section of your bylaws includes a clause which reads something like "...unless otherwise ordered by the membership or the board of directors," the membership/board of directors could vote to dispense with a business meeting that is scheduled for a particular date. For example, if a regular meeting is scheduled for March 2016, you could vote not to have the business meeting that day, but you could not vote to dispense with all March meetings except by changing the bylaws.

What is a quorum?

A quorum is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the chapter or region, board of directors, etc.

 What is the significance of not having a quorum?

No business can be transacted, including voting on motions and approving minutes. Reports can be heard and members can engage in general discussion. The presiding officer could call the meeting to order and then adjourn after the secretary announces that a quorum isn't present.

What is "general consent?"

This is a time saving step which can be used by the presiding officer when there seems to be no opposition in routine business or on uncontroversial matters. Also known as "unanimous consent," "general consent" can be used as long as you have a quorum and do not violate a ByLaw. The presiding officer states, "If there is no objection [     ] is adopted [or approved, etc.]."

How is a meeting managed in the absence of the president, vice president, and secretary?

Any member may call the meeting to order, and then a temporary chair would be agreed upon by the members, either by vote or by general consent.







Where can I find....information about....?

This list is provided in 2 sections. The first section lists items available to all visitors. The second section lists items available only to EGA members.  

Section 1

EGA Annual/Interim Report. Also, a condensed version of the prior year's annual report is pubished in the June Needle Arts.

EGA Certified Professionals - Appraisers - Judges - Teachers

EGA Chapter List

A list by region is published in the inside front cover of the March Needle Arts. If you want to find a chapter near you, use the Chapter Directory. Additional information about chapters may be found in region websites via links in the Region Directory. If you want a list to publicize EGA region or chapter programs/events, call or email EGA headquarters; you may need the approval of your region director to obtain the list.

EGA Collection - Library - Study Boxes - Lectures/Videos

Educatonal Advancement Programs - Certification (appraiser, judge, teacher) - Extended Study - Master Craftsman

Educational Programs - Challenge - Group Correspondence Courses - Individual Correspondence Courses

Donating to EGA

Fiber Forum

Forming a New Chapter

Membership Brochure

Call or email EGA headquarters to obtain a supply of a colorful flyer which can be used for membership recruiting or other outreach.

Needlework Glossary - terms used in the field of needlework.

Needle Arts Magazine - General & Free Articles - Questions

Outreach - Information - Sharing Form 

Resources for Teaching Children - Youth Membership - Lesson Plans - Parental Consent Form

Note youth (between 7 and 17 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when attending EGA-sponsored activities, and a signed Parental Consent Form is required.

Scholarships & Awards

Stitch in Public Day - Poster and Flyer Templates - Sharing Form - Questions  

Section 2

The following items are available to all EGA members under Members Only. You must login with your EGA membership number and your password. (If you don't have a password, call or email EGA headquarters to obtain a temporary password. Go to Problems Accessing Members Only? for additional information.)

Annual Financial Report Form:

EGA headquarters will send out the form every December to the chapter treasurer of record. An online fillable form is made available on the website during the early part of the year.

Appraisal/Waiver of Appraisal:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Insurance

Required in connection with exhibits.

Audit Guidelines (for chapters and regions) - included in the Financial Guidelines (see below)

Bylaws:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Bylaws

EGA Bylaws, as well as chapter/region bylaws templates, checklists, and instructions.

Certificate of Insurance Request:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Insurance

To request proof of EGA's insurance.

Correspondence Course Documentation:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Correspondence Courses

Information on how to develop and pilot new correspondence courses.

E-news - How to Subscribe:  Members Only

E-news is a monthly newsletter that is distributed only online.

Financial Guidelines (for chapters and regions):  Members Only - Financial

This document includes information about annual financial reporting, budgeting process, payment reporting, and audit process.

Guide for Successful Exhibits:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

To assist chapters and regions in developing and producing exhibits.

Hands Across America/Water:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Chapter

 Also see the Officer's Notebook for more information about this program.

ICNA Proposal Summary Sheet:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

For submitting teaching proposals in connection with national and region seminars.

Installation Ceremonies:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

A compilation of sample installation ceremonies.

Membership Forms (chapters):  Members Only - Document Downloads - Chapter

For use by chapters to report new members, life members, 

Minutes of Annual Meetings:  Members Only - Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board of Directors' Meetings:  Members Only - Meeting Minutes

National Resume Form:  Members Only

Can be submitted online or via hard copy.

National Seminar Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

For use by those responsible for producing and managing a national seminar.

National Exhibit Guidelines:  Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

For use by those responsible for producing a new traveling exhibit.

Newsletter/Website Permission to Publish Form:  Document Downloads - General

See also information in the Officer's Notebook.

Officer's Notebook:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Compilation of information about EGA policies and procedures, and standard practices. 

Payment Reporting Form:  Document Downloads - Financial

The "IC Payment Reporting Form" is to be used by all chapters and regions for reporting payments to independent contractors, such as teachers. See the Financial Guidelines for more information.

Petite Projects:  Members Only

A series of small projects intended primarily for chapter use in programs, but also available to members for personal use.

Petite Project Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Information on how to develop and pilot new petite projects.

Photography Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

Information to guide indivduals in taking photographs for publication in Needle Arts and other EGA publications.

Policies & Procedures:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

AKA, "P&Ps." The policies and procedures which govern all of EGA.

President's Mailing:  Members Only - Document Downloads - President's Mailing

Periodic mailings to all chapter presidents from the EGA president.

Recruiting Resources:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

In addition to Reach Out, Recruit & Retain, the Adult Stitching Series under Teaching Resources, is also a recruiting resource.

Resources for Chapter Programs: Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

There are 3 teaching resources available under Teaching Resources: Resources for Teachers: Volume One-Surface Embroidery Stitches and Volume Two-Counted and Canvas Embroidery Stitches, and Adult Stitching Series.

Region Director's Notebook:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

A resource for region directors.

Region Seminar Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Guidelines which regions may use 

Teacher Contract Templates:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Teacher Contracts

For use in connection with chapter and region events.

Website Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

While titled "Website Review Guidelines," this document describes elements which must be included in websites maintained by chapters and regions. It is not a "how to."

Who's Who Directory:  Document Downloads - General

Names of and contact information for national EGA officers, board of directors, and committee chairs.



The bylaws of an organization define the rules by which the organization operates. Bylaws:

    • Contain essential provisions of an organization relating to its name, object, members, officers, and meetings.
    • Classify members' rights and privileges.
    • State the degree of control the membership has over the actions of the board and what functions the board can pursue independently or in the name of the organization.
    • Define additional fiscal details and outline the procedure for instituting amendments.

Sample Bylaws

EGA has established sample chapter and region bylaws to provide a template for consistent construction based on requirements of EGA and Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. Certain provisions are mandated and must be included in all bylaws.

What is the purpose of the mandated text?

Some of the mandated text is required by IRS regulations or state law. Other provisions are required because they have been approved by the EGA national board of directors.

Bylaws Review

How often must a chapter or region do a bylaws review?

At least every 10 years, each region, and all chapters within the region, must review bylaws according to the following schedule. When the review of a region's and chapters' bylaws are completed, their next required review is scheduled 10 years into the future.

Rocky Mountain Region - 2015
South Central Region - 2016
Sun Region - 2107
Tennessee Valley Region - 2017
Carolinas Region - 2018
Greater Pacific Region - 2018
Great Lakes Region - 2019
Heartland Region - 2020
Metropolitan Region - 2021
Mid-Atlantic Region - 2022
Mid-Eastern Region - 2023
New England Region - 2023
Pacific Southwest Region - 2024

Can a chapter or region do a bylaws review before the scheduled year?

Yes, if there is a need. For example, if a chapter or region wishes to make several significant changes throughout the document, or perhaps to incorporate a number of amendments which had been made since the current bylaws document was adopted.

If a bylaws review is done early, will this change the date of the next required review?

No. To make it fair to all, the 10-year schedule was set on a region by region basis so that any one year is not inundated with bylaws to review. Depending on the number of years remaining until the scheduled year, the EGA director of bylaws may be willing to extend it by 10 years. For example, if the scheduled year is 2017 and the chapter's bylaws review is completed in 2016, the director of bylaws may be willing to extend the deadline for to 2027. If the bylaws for a region is completed early, the extension, if any, would apply only to the region bylaws and not the chapters in the region.

What is involved in a "bylaws review?"

Each chapter and region is required to review its bylaws to assure the document is up to date and to submit a new document for approval. It is a fairly easy process.

The current document is updated to reflect amendments, if any, which had been approved. It is then compared to the "sample bylaws" to make sure that all mandated provisions are included. Non-mandated provisions are reviewed to determine whether the chapter or region needs to make changes.

It may be helpful to assign the review to one person, or a small committee. The chapter/regions bylaws review chair and the EGA director of bylaws are available to answer questions.

See the "annotated sample bylaws," bylaws checklist, and instructions available at Members Only-Document Downloads_Bylaws for further information. A "working copy" of the sample bylaws is available in Word format.

What is the approval process?

A chapter must have its bylaws, and amendments, approved by the chapter membership. In the case of a region, it is the region board of directors which has the authority to adopt or amend the region bylaws.

A 2/3 vote infavor is required after a 30 days' written notice in advance of the meeting at which the bylaws will be voted on. A quorum must be present at the meeting.

What is a quorum?

A quorum is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the chapter or region, board of directors, etc.

What should be included in the advance written notice?

A complete copy of the bylaws and an explanation of, and rationale, for any changes.

Should the bylaws be reviewed by an EGA official before being presented to chapter membership or region board for approval?

Yes. The EGA chapter/regions bylaws review chair will review the document and advise you of any changes that might be needed to address conflicts between provisions and to assure the inclusion of all mandatory provisions.

The contact information for the chapter/region bylaws review chair is provided in the bylaws instructions as well as the EGA Who's Who Directory. The documents are available via Bylaws and General respectively at Members Only-Document Downloads.

What should we do after the bylaws are approved by the chapter membership/region board?

The president, or region director if region, signs and dates several copies of the document. The date should be the date the document is approved by the membership/region board. See bylaws checklist and instructions available at Members Only-Document Downloads_Bylaws for further information.

Bylaws Amendments

Is it possible to amend bylaws?


What is the process?

It is similar to that for a "bylaws review." For additional information, see the amendment template and instructions available at Members Only-Document Downloads_Bylaws.

Members Can't Profit from Membership

Go to Frequently Asked Questions for information about the meaning and purpose of this mandated provision.

Officer Positions

Should a chapter want to make changes to its officer positions, what is the procedure?

See Chapter Officer Positions. The minimum number of officers and certain officer positions are mandated.


Can our bylaws provide that individuals may serve unlimited terms in the same office? 




Can we have different terms of office for different positions?




Other Non-mandated Provisions

What are some of the other non-mandated provions?

Non-mandated provisions include those addressing additional officer positions, meeting quorums, standing committees, timing and frequency of chapter and board meetings, makeup of the nominating committee, how to fill an officer vacancy, when officer elections take place. These are all matters that are specific to each region and chapter.

 Special Provisions

Occasionally a chapter or region has a need to address a matter which is not provided for in the sample bylaws. Contact the EGA director of bylaws for assistance. The contact information for the director of bylaws is included in the EGA Who's Who Directory.

Can our bylaws provide for voting without a meeting?

Yes. Contact the EGA director of bylaws for appropriate language.

Can we provide for voting by proxy or the use of absentee ballots?

Robert's Rules of Order strongly recommeds against proxy voting or the use of absentee ballots because they limit a member's right to hear and participate in debates. If your chapter or region feels it has a need for proxy voting or absentee balloting, contact the EGA director of bylaws for appropriate language.







Can a chapter set up its own scholarship in memory of someone, or for another reason?


What recordkeeping or other formalities should we observe?

  • The scholarship guidelines should be in writing, and approved by chapter members.
  • The scholarship should be open to all chapter members.
  • It is best to establish a committee of more than one person to decide who will receive the scholarship.

What should be included in the guidelines? 

  • Purpose of the scholarship.
  • Statement that all members are eligible.
  • Other conditions to be met, if any.
  • Who is responsible for determining the recipient; that is, the members of the committee.
  • Procedure and deadline for applying.
  • Frequency and number of awards.
  • Amount to be awarded.
  • Deadline by which the committee will determine the award.
  • Date on which the award will be announced.

Is it necessary to set up a separate bank account?

No. It could be part of the annual budget. That is, the chapter can budget a certain amount for scholarships in one year. Accounting should be maintained so that the amount of scholarship(s) awarded in one year does not exceed the amount budgeted. Chapter members, or its board of directors, could approve going over budget.

What about setting up a reserve fund for accounting purposes?

Not required, but can be done. The board of directors or chapter members would need to vote to set it up, and it would be necessary to track the incoming and outgoing amounts. Since a reserve fund would be part of the chapter's financial assets, it would still be necessary to budget for the payment.

Other questions?

Contact your region director.


EGA Board of Directors' Meetings


Who are the members of the EGA board of directors?

The 20-member board of directors consist of the 7 nationally-elected officals (who constitute the executive committee) and a director from each of the 13 regions. 

 How are the members of the board elected?

The 7 officals who constitute the executive committee are elected every 3 years at the EGA Annual Meeting. Each of the region directors is elected by the region's board of directors.


When and where does the EGA board of directors meet?

The EGA board of directors meets at least twice a year: in the spring at headquarters and in conjunction with the national seminar.


Where can I obtain a copy of the minutes of the national board of directors?

Board minutes are available to all members via Members Only-Meeting Minutes-Board Minutes, or by requesting a hard copy from headquarters.

Officer's Notebook

Do I have to be an officer to access the Officer's Notebook?

No. It is available to all members via Members Only-Document Downloads-Manuals & Guides.

EGA Annual Meeting


Who can attend the Annual Meeting?

Anyone may attend.


What are the date and location of the EGA Annual Meeting?

The annual meeting is held in conjunction with the national seminar. The date and time are published in the seminar brochure.


Where can I find minutes of the EGA Annual Meeting?

Minutes are available to all members via Members Only-Meeting Minutes-Annual Meeting, or by requesting a hard copy from headquarters.

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