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This list is provided in 2 sections. The first section lists items available to all visitors. The second section lists items available only to EGA members.  

Section 1

EGA Annual/Interim Report. Also, a condensed version of the prior year's annual report is pubished in the June Needle Arts.

EGA Certified Professionals - Appraisers - Judges - Teachers

EGA Chapter List

A list by region is published in the inside front cover of the March Needle Arts. If you want to find a chapter near you, use the Chapter Directory. Additional information about chapters may be found in region websites via links in the Region Directory. If you want a list to publicize EGA region or chapter programs/events, call or email EGA headquarters; you may need the approval of your region director to obtain the list.

EGA Collection - Library - Study Boxes - Lectures/Videos

Educatonal Advancement Programs - Certification (appraiser, judge, teacher) - Extended Study - Master Craftsman

Educational Programs - Challenge - Group Correspondence Courses - Individual Correspondence Courses

Donating to EGA

Fiber Forum

Forming a New Chapter

Membership Brochure

Call or email EGA headquarters to obtain a supply of a colorful flyer which can be used for membership recruiting or other outreach.

Needlework Glossary - terms used in the field of needlework.

Needle Arts Magazine - General & Free Articles - Questions

Outreach - Information - Sharing Form 

Resources for Teaching Children - Youth Membership - Lesson Plans - Parental Consent Form

Note youth (between 7 and 17 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when attending EGA-sponsored activities, and a signed Parental Consent Form is required.

Scholarships & Awards

Stitch in Public Day - Poster and Flyer Templates - Sharing Form - Questions  

Section 2

The following items are available to all EGA members under Members Only. You must login with your EGA membership number and your password. (If you don't have a password, call or email EGA headquarters to obtain a temporary password. Go to Problems Accessing Members Only? for additional information.)

Annual Financial Report Form:

EGA headquarters will send out the form every December to the chapter treasurer of record. An online fillable form is made available on the website during the early part of the year.

Appraisal/Waiver of Appraisal:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Insurance

Required in connection with exhibits.

Audit Guidelines (for chapters and regions) - included in the Financial Guidelines (see below)

Bylaws:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Bylaws

EGA Bylaws, as well as chapter/region bylaws templates, checklists, and instructions.

Certificate of Insurance Request:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Insurance

To request proof of EGA's insurance.

Correspondence Course Documentation:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Correspondence Courses

Information on how to develop and pilot new correspondence courses.

E-news - How to Subscribe:  Members Only

E-news is a monthly newsletter that is distributed only online.

Financial Guidelines (for chapters and regions):  Members Only - Financial

This document includes information about annual financial reporting, budgeting process, payment reporting, and audit process.

Guide for Successful Exhibits:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

To assist chapters and regions in developing and producing exhibits.

Hands Across America/Water:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Chapter

 Also see the Officer's Notebook for more information about this program.

ICNA Proposal Summary Sheet:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

For submitting teaching proposals in connection with national and region seminars.

Installation Ceremonies:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

A compilation of sample installation ceremonies.

Membership Forms (chapters):  Members Only - Document Downloads - Chapter

For use by chapters to report new members, life members, 

Minutes of Annual Meetings:  Members Only - Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board of Directors' Meetings:  Members Only - Meeting Minutes

National Resume Form:  Members Only

Can be submitted online or via hard copy.

National Seminar Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

For use by those responsible for producing and managing a national seminar.

National Exhibit Guidelines:  Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

For use by those responsible for producing a new traveling exhibit.

Newsletter/Website Permission to Publish Form:  Document Downloads - General

See also information in the Officer's Notebook.

Officer's Notebook:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Compilation of information about EGA policies and procedures, and standard practices. 

Payment Reporting Form:  Document Downloads - Financial

The "IC Payment Reporting Form" is to be used by all chapters and regions for reporting payments to independent contractors, such as teachers. See the Financial Guidelines for more information.

Petite Projects:  Members Only

A series of small projects intended primarily for chapter use in programs, but also available to members for personal use.

Petite Project Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Information on how to develop and pilot new petite projects.

Photography Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

Information to guide indivduals in taking photographs for publication in Needle Arts and other EGA publications.

Policies & Procedures:  Members Only - Document Downloads - General

AKA, "P&Ps." The policies and procedures which govern all of EGA.

President's Mailing:  Members Only - Document Downloads - President's Mailing

Periodic mailings to all chapter presidents from the EGA president.

Recruiting Resources:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

In addition to Reach Out, Recruit & Retain, the Adult Stitching Series under Teaching Resources, is also a recruiting resource.

Resources for Chapter Programs: Members Only - Document Downloads - Member Resources

There are 3 teaching resources available under Teaching Resources: Resources for Teachers: Volume One-Surface Embroidery Stitches and Volume Two-Counted and Canvas Embroidery Stitches, and Adult Stitching Series.

Region Director's Notebook:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

A resource for region directors.

Region Seminar Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

Guidelines which regions may use 

Teacher Contract Templates:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Teacher Contracts

For use in connection with chapter and region events.

Website Guidelines:  Members Only - Document Downloads - Manuals & Guides

While titled "Website Review Guidelines," this document describes elements which must be included in websites maintained by chapters and regions. It is not a "how to."

Who's Who Directory:  Document Downloads - General

Names of and contact information for national EGA officers, board of directors, and committee chairs.


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