Is there a selection process for membership? 

No. Members may not be selected by any voting process or examination of their qualifications at embroidery, etc.

Do members have to join a chapter?

 No. Members not wishing to join a chapter, may join EGA as a member-at-large.

Can life members be members-at-large?


Can members-at-large be region members?

No. Per EGA bylaws, it is the chapters which are members of a region. Members-at-large are members who have chosen not to join a chapter.

 Can members-at-large participate in chapter or region activities?

 Yes, if invited to do so by the chapter or region. Also, chapters welcome visitors to their meetings, allowing individuals to visit for a set number of meetings before being asked to join (the number of meetings varies from chapter to chapter.)

 What constitutes a member in good standing?

 Members in good standing are those whose membership dues are up to date.

Youth Membership

A person between 7 and 17 may join EGA through EGA or through a chapter. The annual youth membership fee is $15. See YOUTH section for additional information.

Membership Number/Card

I don't know or have forgotten my membership number. How can I find this information?

You may check your membership card, check the mailing label of Needle Arts, contact your chapter's membership officer, or contact EGA headquarters.

I have lost my membership card. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, contact your chapter's membership officer. If you are a member at large, contact EGA headquarters.

Membership Anniversary

Can staff at EGA headquarters tell me when I joined my chapter?

No. Members' join dates are not tracked by EGA headquarters.

New Members

What are the prorated national dues amounts for new members?

          Join Date Percentage of Annual Dues 
  January 1 – March 31 25%
  April 1 – June 30 100%
  July 1 – September 30 75%
  October 1 – December 31 50%

When should the new member's dues be paid to national?

Dues for new members should be paid immediately after joining. Please remember to include a completed new member form for that person.

I have recently joined EGA, when will I receive membership information?

A new member packet will be mailed to you within two weeks of receipt of your dues at EGA headquarters.

What does the new member packet include?

The packet includes a membership card, website log-in information, Needle Arts magazine, and an Education Catalog.

Membership Period

What is the EGA membership year for chapter members?

 EGA policy does not define "membership year."

Membership Renewal

When is annual chapter renewal paperwork sent from headquarters?

The paperwork, which includes the renewal worksheet and a chapter membership list, is mailed to the chapter membership chairs/officers in late March.

When are annual membership renewals due?

Annual chapter renewal paperwork and payment must be postmarked no later than May 31.

What happens if a chapter payment is postmarked after May 31?

Late receipt of dues payments may result in missed or delayed issues of Needle Arts, or may affect enrollment in other benefits and services such as the national seminar, educational programs, and online classes.

If a membership has lapsed and the member rejoins, will she or he keep the same membership id number?

Yes, in most cases.

We already sent in our payment. It isn't May 31 yet, but someone has decided to renew and wasn't included in that payment. May we send in another payment?

Yes. Be sure to include the member's name and id number with the payment.

We have a member who can't be reached and we won't be able to find out if she wants to renew until after the May 31 deadline. What do we do?

You should make payment to cover only those members who have renewed. No refunds will be issued.

We sent in our payment postmarked May 31. We have a member who has since decided she wants to renew, but our payment didn't include her. What can be done?

Send her full year's dues payment and membership number as soon as possible to EGA headquarters.

We have a member who joined in the first quarter of the year, and paid the prorated dues. She wasn't on this year's renewal list sent from headquarters. How should we handle her renewal?

Add her name and membership number to the list, and include her in your chapter payment.

We don't know her membership number.

Ask the member. If she hasn't received it, contact EGA headquarters.

We have a new member who just joined and we haven't sent her payment in yet. Can we include her with the renewal payment?

Information and dues for new members should be sent to the EGA membership coordinator immediately after they join.

If a member joins within a few days before you send in your renewal payment and report, it would be okay to include her in your check; however, do remember to complete the new member form for that person.

Can we report changes of address, telephone number, or email address on the renewal form?

No. Members should report changes of address, telephone number, or email address directly to headquarters (and also to their chapter's membership officer).

Download the membership renewal form here