How do I access Members Only?

To log on you need the following:

EGA number: this is your EGA membership number

Password: set by you via "Your Profile"

If you have not established your personal password, contact EGA headquarters at 502-589-6956 (have your EGA member number handy when you call) or by email via Contact EGA (select General Information or Membership, and enter "Need Password" in subject line.)

You can continue to use the temporary password, but information privacy practices strongly recommend that you establish your personal password right away.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, after logging on, go to "Your Profile", scroll down and select "Edit Profile". Enter and confirm your new password. You are required to provide your email address. (You need not complete any of the other sections.) Scroll down and click on "Save" at bottom right.

When I attempted to log back in I received an "invalid token" response. What does this mean and what can I do?

This typically occurs when you try to log on soon after you have logged out. It can also occur when you "time out" of a session and try to log back on. The solution is to refresh the  Member Login page -- you may need to do this more than once -- and then log on as you normally would.