Paying Members for Services

Is it okay to pay members for their services?

Yes. Bylaws provide that national, a region, or a chapter may "...contract with individual members in their professional capacities."

What is meant by "professional capacity?"

This is a wide-ranging term which includes the types of services that could be provided by a member.

Examples include but are not limited to: teaching, needlework/craft/fiber arts materials and supplies, printing/copying, framing, quilt shop, bead shop, public relations, consulting, legal, accounting.

Doesn't this conflict with the provision in bylaws which states that members can't profit from membership in EGA?

No. Basically that provision means that a member who has a conflict of interest in a matter under consideration should not participate in a decision on such a matter. It is advisable that a member who has a conflict of interest not be present during the discussion and voting. For example, in a situation where a member, or a member's relative, offers to provide a professional service.

Why is it necessary to have that provision in bylaws?

Federal and state laws provide that non-profit organizations cannot be operated to benefit private interests.


Can members be reimbursed for expenditures such as kits, materials, supplies, administrative expenses (postage, telephone, copying), and mileage?

Yes. Reimbursements can be made in accordance with established policies and procedures. Usually the member must complete a form and provide receipts.

Selling at Chapter/Region Meetings

Can anyone sell items at chapter/region meetings or other chapter/region events?

Yes, but in accordance with policy/procedures that have been established by the chapter or region. If policy/procedures do not address the situation, then the executive committee or board of directors of the chapter or region could make the determination. In the case of a chapter, the members might want to make the decision.

Can a teacher sell merchandise in connection with a program/seminar/workshop?

Yes, in accordance with established policy/procedures, and as described in any written contract with the teacher.

What if there is no contract, or the contract is silent on the matter?

The chapter or region's policy/procedures would govern.

What if the policy/procedures are silent on the matter?

The executive committee or board of directors of the chapter or region could make the decision for each particular event. In the case of a chapter, the question might be put to the membership or maybe just to those participating in the event.

Are there restrictions on when the teacher could offer items for sale?

Selling should not take place during class. However, before or after class, during a lunch break, or other convenient time is acceptable.

Membership Lists

A local organization wants to invite our chapter members to a program. Can we provide them with our membership list or email addresses for mailing purposes or provide mailing labels?

No. EGA membership lists can be used only for EGA purposes. However, you can offer to address the envelopes for them, or to forward the invitation to your members.

What if we are co-sponsoring an event with another organization? Can we provide our membership list or email addresses to that organization for mailing?

No, as stated above.

Does it make a difference if the organization is non-profit?


A business [or other organization] wants to put our members on its mailing list. Can we provide them with our membership list or email addresses?

No. However, it is okay to let members know of the offer so those who want to provide the information voluntarily may do so at their own initiative.