Establishing Officer Positions

How does a chapter establish its elected officer positions?

The elected officer positions are established by the chapter's bylaws.

Minimum Positions

What are the minimum officer positions required for a chapter?

The 3 positions of president, secretary, and treasurer.

Why is the minimum number of elected officers set at 3?

That is the minimum number that will satisfy all state laws and IRS requirements for non-profit organizations.

Additional Positions

Can a chapter have additional elected officer positions, such as vice president(s), membership coordinator, and region representative?

Yes. A chapter can have as many additional elected officers as desired, but should avoid including a position it is not going to fill.

Combining Positions

Can positions be combined?

Yes, but there must be at least 3 elected positions. To satisfy state laws governing non-profits, the positions of president and secretary should not be combined.

Can the secretary and treasurer be combined as secretary/treasurer?

Yes, but you will need a president and at least 1 other position to maintain the required minimum number of 3 elected positions.

Our region requires that the region representative be an elected position, and our chapter wants to have only 3 elected officers. Can the position of region representative be listed instead of one of the 3 required positions?

No. But you could combine positions. For example, add region representative and combine secretary/treasurer or president/treasurer. Or combine region representative with 1 of the 3 required positions to be president/region representative, secretary/region representative, or treasurer/region representative.

Making Changes to Officer Positions

Should a chapter want to make changes to its officer positions, what is the procedure?

This is accomplished through an amendment to the bylaws. The proposed amendment should be submitted to the chapter/region bylaws review chair for approval before it is voted on by the chapter members. Instructions and an amendment template are available on the EGA website under Members Only-Document Downloads-Chapter Bylaws.

My chapter's 10-year bylaws review is coming up soon. If we want to change the officer positions, can we do it as part of the review?


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