Receiving Needle Arts

When should I expect to receive each issue of Needle Arts?

You should receive your Needle Arts within the first two weeks of March, June, September, and December.

What should I do if an issue doesn't arrive?

If you have not received your magazine by the end of the month, contact headquarters to request a replacement copy.

Use of Project Instructions

May we reproduce project instructions from Needle Arts for use with a chapter program?

Yes, if it is a program scheduled for chapter members.

May we make the instructions available to non-members who are attending a chapter program as visitors?

The non-members could use the instructions during the program but would not be able to keep them.

May project instructions from Needle Arts be used for teaching at a chapter or region sponsored outreach program?

No. The projects are for the use of EGA members.

Submitting Articles

What are the due dates for submitting articles, photographs, and other items to Needle Arts?

February 1 for June issue

May 1 for September issue

July 25 for December issue

November 1 for March issue

Are there specifications regarding articles, photography, and other items to be submitted?

Yes. Submission guidelines can be requested from the embroidery editor, and are also available on this website.

Where should I send suggestions for articles?

Please direct them to The editor welcomes your suggestions and recommendations for writers.

Back Issues

Are back issues of Needle Arts available?

Yes, available back issues may be purchased through the EGA website or by calling EGA headquarters.

The back issue I am looking for is not available for purchase, may I request a copy of an article?

Yes, in most cases. Contact EGA headquarters to check availability of the article, elivery options, and possible mailing costs.