Filing Tax Returns with the Internal Revenue Service

Should EGA chapters or regions file tax returns with the IRS?

No. EGA files a tax return, known as Form 990, which covers the national organization and all regions and chapters.

"You didn't file a Form 990/990EZ or 990-N" Letter from IRS

The IRS has notified us that we haven't filed a Form 990/990EZ or 990-N. What should we do?

1.  Complete the form as follows.

a.  Do not check or complete any items under number 1 on page 3.

b. Check the box on page 4 for the sentence that begins "My organization is a subordinate organization..." and fill in the blanks as follows:

Name: The Embroiderers' Guild of America Local and Regional Chapters

EIN: 51-0201050.

c.  Check "Other reason for not filing" on page 4, and for the explanation state "Filing deadline for EIN 51-0201050 was extended."

d.  Sign and date under item 2, remembering to include the title of the person signing the form.

2. Keep a copy of the completed form for your chapter records and mail or email a copy to EGA headquarters.

3. Mail the original to the IRS.

We have received another notice stating "You didn't file a Form 990/990EZ or 990-N." What should we do?

Immediately send the notice to EGA headquarters for handling.

Other Notices from the IRS

We have received a letter/notice from the IRS which we do not know how to handle. What should we do?

Immediately send it to EGA headquarters for handling.

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