Stitch in Public Day

What is the purpose of Stitch in Public Day?

The purpose of Stitch in Public Day is to promote EGA and embroidery. Embroidery is labeled as a needlework craft and involves a range of stitching from simple hand stitching to high tech computerized stitching. Most American consumers do not realize the magnitude of the art or the skill involved with embroidery.

When is Stitch in Public Day?

The first Saturday of February was chosen as EGA's national Stitch in Public day to coincide with National Embroidery Month.

For those chapters who may not be able to participate in February, any day you choose to stitch in a public places helps us get the word out about EGA and its mission.

Where can I find resources for promoting Stitch in Public Day?

Go to Resources-Outreach on this website for poster and flyer templates. Also, you can request a supply of membership brochures from headquarters using Contact Us.

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