Teacher Certification

$225.00 each


Teacher Certification Program

The teacher certification examination certifies teachers in various areas of needlework for EGA. The program sets high standards for excellence in design, technique, and knowledge of the field. Throughout the examination, candidates are evaluated on their abilities to communicate information and promote creativity.

Before becoming a candidate, the applicant must go through a screening process. The screening requirements include a resume, letters of reference, classes in design and color, and answers to a questionnaire. The applicant is urged to have at least sixty hours of teaching experience.

The Teacher Certification Examination, which must be completed in two years, is comprised of five parts:

  1. Color and design
  2. Techniques
  3. Essay questions on selected needlework topics
  4. Teaching proposals, lesson plans, and resume
  5. A classroom evaluation of the candidate in an actual teaching situation

Upon request, candidates will be assigned a mentor who is not an evaluator.

Certificates are offered in beading, blackwork, canvas, contemporary embroidery, counted thread, crewel and surface embroidery, fine hand sewing, pulled thread, quiltmaking, raised and padded embroidery, silk and metal thread, smocking, and whitework.

After passing the examination, those interested in certification in additional techniques are required to repeat parts 2 through 5 in a one-year time period for each area of interest.

Fee: Cost of the examination, including screening, is $225 for the first technique and $100 for each subsequent technique. Successful candidates will receive a pin at the time of completion of the first technique.

Enrollment: Prospective candidates should send a $10 fee to EGA Headquarters to receive the screening requirements. The balance of the program fee is due upon acceptance into the program. Candidates may enroll in only one EGA certification program at a time.

For information about the program, contact Brad Cape, Education Coordinator, at EGA headquarters.

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