Master Needlework Judges Program

$200.00 each


Master Needlework Judges Program

Certified Needlework Judges may enter the Master Needlework Judges program (MNJ), a five-year course of judging, exhibiting, and study is open to all individuals who have completed a basic certified judging program from any needlework organization. MNJ candidates study needlework techniuqes, design, color, judging procedures, and methods for planning and presenting exhibits. The program is designed to build on the basic knowledge accrued while working on the Certified Needlework Judges program and to refine the knowledge and ability of our judges.


Enrollment: The program is open to all certified needlework judges from any organization. 


To obtain a program prospectus and application form, please contact EGA headquarters.


Fee: The cost of the program is $200 and is sent to EGA headquarters upon acceptance into the program. The fee includes the cost of the pin, received upon completion of the program.

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