Certified Teacher Graduate

$200.00 each


Certified Teacher Graduate Program

This program has been designed to help and encourage certified teachers to evaluate their professional careers, expand their knowledge of embroidery, and develop their skills in critical thinking. Graduates of the program are known as Graduate Teachers.

To fulfill the requirements of this program, the candidate must complete assignments in the five categories listed below within a five year period.

  1. Exhibition of original work
  2. Attendance at enrichment classes
  3. Research and publications
  4. Teaching
  5. Service to local community and/or EGA or other needlework organizations

Fees: The cost of the program is $200. A pin is awarded after successful completion of the program.

Enrollment: The program is open to EGA Certified Teachers and those who hold teaching credentials from other ICNA organizations.

For information about the program, contact Brad Cape, Education Coordinator, at EGA headquarters.

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