Chiaroscuro: Blackwork Patterning Theory

$175.00 each



TEACHER: Shirley Kay Wolfersperger
Chiaroscuro is a course on how to come up with your own personal patterns for blackwork, including how patterning works and where to find inspiration for original patterns. This is not a course that teaches fundamental blackwork. It is a course for diving more deeply into the study of blackwork. It is for stitchers looking for more in blackwork than they have seen before. You must already know and have done blackwork to get the most of your work here. Be prepared to be adventurous. 


Lesson 1. Ways of achieving value in blackwork 

Lesson 2. Developing motifs from different sources

Lesson 3. Basic manipulations

Lesson 4. Basic networks

Lesson 5. Patterning transitions

Lesson 6. Unity and contrast


Prerequisite: Familiarity with blackwork
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Fee: $175
Text: $42
Time: 12 Months
Approximate Cost of Supplies: $25–$80
Optional: Computer program for cross stitch and a printer (not necessary if you work by hand)

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