Diamond Jubilee NEW FINAL

Early Registration Calendar


Deadline for requesting hard copies of the early registration form and class description from Registrar2018@egausa.org

July 21

Registrar mails hard copies of form and class description.

By August 7

Early registration available to Seminar 2017 participants in Asheville, NC

August 16-20

Early registration opens online to all EGA members

August 20

Final date for mailing or emailing early registration forms

Early registrations will not be accepted after this date.

September 30

Early registration closes

September 30

Acknowledgment of early registration and class assignment

By October 30


Form to complete early registration sent to early registrants online or by mail

By February 1

Deadline for paying balance of registration and kit fees, and completing early registration

The registrant forfeits early registration class assignment if these fees are not paid by the deadline.

March 1



All early registrations received at Seminar 2017 or processed by mail or online by September 18, 2017, will be considered equal.

All classes that are over-subscribed during early registration will go to lottery.

Not a Member

We welcome you to join in our celebration by joining EGA and registering during the Open Registration Period which begins March 17, 2018.

If you are interested in joining EGA, read “How to Become a Member ” here. (Note that non-EGA members will be charged an additional fee to register for Diamond Jubilee.)

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