gcc assissiAssisi embroidery, which originated in the birthplace of St. Francis in Italy, is a counted thread embroidery, characterized by the design being outlined and left empty and the background filled in, generally with cross stitch. This is known as a "Voided design". Double running is used for the outlines, making the work reversible. The cross stitch is then worked, with an effort to maintain vertical stitches on the wrong side. Long-armed cross stitch and N stitch are alternatives to cross stitch and will be explored.

Teacher: Marion Scoular

Project: Three pincushion doodles followed by a small design (supplied) or an original design by the student

Size: Depending on fabric count chosen; pincushion - 2" x 2.5", butterfly - 3.5" x 3"

Fabric: Evenweave choices given

Threads: Student's choice

Colors: Student's choice

Proficiency Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites: Ability to read a chart

Time: Six months, two or three working meetings

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $21.50 per student; 30 pages in punchless binder

Supplies (approximate): $10; Click here to download the supply list for this course.



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