WhiteIris photoIn the garden, gorgeous irises burst into bloom amid smaller flowers heralding the warm days of early summer. White Iris is stitched using white or cream Pearl Cotton on matching 32-count Belfast linen. The mat chosen for behind and around the piece adds the punch of color.

Combining stunning June flowers, White Iris is a sampler of eleven pulled thread patterns worked inside surface embroidery of flowers petal edges. The surface embroidery emphasizes shaping the buttonhole stitch and the chain stitch to form leaves and petal edges. Chain stitch, outline stitch and satin stitch variations are used for flower stems. Some knowledge of compensation is essential in working the pulled thread patterns.

This beautiful composition, done in surface embroidery enclosing areas filled with pulled thread patterns, has a spectacular lace-like quality.

Teacher: Mona Hill

Size: 9" x 9" design on 15” x15” ground fabric

Fabric: 32-count Belfast linen

Threads: Pearl cotton #8 and #12

Colors: White or cream

Skill Level: intermediate

Prerequisites: Knowledge of compensation and the ability to work stitches from diagrams

Time: 5 meetings plus preliminary and wrap-up meetings (approx. 6 months)

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $48 per student

Supplies:  $19.00 (approximate); Click here to download the supply list for this course.