In Japan, the color pink evokes the beauty of blooming cherry trees filling parks with explosions of lightly colored petals. “Sakura iro,” the color of cherry blossoms, speaks to the hearts and souls of the Japanese people. In this beginner-level course for Japanese temari, skills learned are ball construction, marking simple divisions (10, 12, and 16), stitching wrapped bands, herringbone, kiku herringbone, pine needle, kiku herringbone stitched with a net technique, and merry-go-round.

Teacher: Barbara Suess

Project:Three temari balls

Size: Each ball is 25cm in circumference

Colors: pink with metallic as show in photograph; or student’s choice

Supplies used: Standard ball making materials, #5 pearl cotton, and metallic threads

Proficiency level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Time: four lessons (four months)

Text: $40 per student; 53 pages, includes color images and detailed instructions

Supply cost (approximate): $25; click here to download the supply list for this course