gcc BlueHeavenTemari detail
This second EGA group correspondence course on Japanese temari focuses on the favorite stitch of many temari makers – the kiku herringbone stitch (uwagake chidori kagari). This classic variation on the herringbone is unique to the art of temari. Students will learn detailed tips on how to perfect it while creating two stellar designs! The first project, Baby Blue, is for experienced beginners. An elegant six-point star is stitched on each pole of this simple 12-division ball. Students will learn to layer two kiku herringbone designs to create an eye-catching obi decoration. The second project, Big Blue Heaven, is stitched on a combination 8-division temari and is intended for intermediate level temari makers. This larger temari has interlocked kiku herringbone designs around the equator and four-point stars stitched on the north and south poles. Add pine needle stitching to complete this exciting and intricate looking design. For extra support, students are given access to an online slideshow of instructional photos.

Teacher: Barbara Suess

Project: Two Japanese Temari

Size: Two balls with circumferences of 10.5" and 13"

Threads: Sewing thread for wrapping, Nordic Gold (Rainbow Gallery) or Kreinik #8 Braid for marking, #5 pearl cotton for stitching

Colors: Blues, variegated teal shades, and white

Proficiency Level:  Advanced beginner to intermediate

Prerequisites: Be able to make a round ball and accurately mark a simple eight-division

Time: Four meetings, four months

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $40 per student; 82 pages, seven pages color, spiral bound, clear cover, professional quality diagrams, complete directions

Supplies (approximate): $18; click here to download the supply list for this course