GCC EmbroideryWithMixedMedia top photoStudy the amazing possibilities of four cool “new” mixed media materials. Learn to work with soluble fabric, DuPont ™Tyvek®, Angelina® fibers and film, and acrylic gel media. These materials have many expressive qualities that extend the possibilities for embroidered designs. To add color, acrylic paint is used. Powdered pigments and Shiva Artist’s Paintstiks® are optional colorants. Bo-Nash Bonding Agent 007® and its pressing sheet are used to fuse Angelina fibers. Tools covered in the course include an iron, silicone pressing sheet, and three optional tools: the embossing tool, mini iron and steamless iron. A top priority is to learn about safely requirements. These are discussed within the text and also summarized in an appendix. Other appendices give design ideas, sources for materials and tools, and information on color mixing. There are many additional mixed media materials in use today that are beyond the scope of this course. Only the materials mentioned above are covered.


Teacher: Laura Smith

Project: Samples or finished embroideries that incorporate fabric created using soluble stabilizer; Tyvek that has been worked with heat; three forms of Angelina (straight cut, crimped cut and film) made into fabric or worked with heat to shape them; two acrylic gel transfers and a small gel-coated embroidery

Size: Student's choice

Fabric: Student's choice 

Threads: Student's choice

Colors: Student's choice

Proficiency Level: All

Prerequisites: None

Time: One short preliminary meeting to gather supplies, four working meetings, and one short turn-in meeting

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $32 per student, 72 pages comb-bound with numerous color photographs; will serve as a reference for future work

Supplies (approximate): $30; groups are encouraged to share supply expenses; click here to download the supply list for this course


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