gcc Blue FlowerCircle with Blue Flower is a study in silk and metal thread, designed for the beginner, inspired by the illuminated letters created in medieval times. Embroidery techniques for this piece have come down to us through Western Civilization. The reference notebook for this course is extensive, including color images and discussions of silk and metal threads, definitions of stitches and diagrams of some, a section on tools, a brief history of silk and metal threads, and “How To” sections with pictures for framing up and detailed information for finishing the completed embroidery. The embroiderer will be working with real metals as well as imitation metal threads. Stitches include couching techniques using pearl purl, twists and silk thread; satin stitch over padding of parchment and cord; and satin stitch using flat silk and purls. The outline stitch is worked in rough purl. Chipping will be explored.




gcc BlueFlower Closeup

Teacher: Margaret Kinsey

Project: Framed picture

Size: 10" x 10"

Fabric: Silk satin

Threads: Pearl and rough purl, flat silk, silk couching thread, twist, Elizabethan twist, gold braid #8, and Japan gold

Colors: Blue silk on white fabric with gold

Proficiency Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Time: Six months, five meetings

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $50 per student; stitching instructions in outline form, many colored pictures and diagrams, extensive reference material, comb-bound

Supplies (approximate): $70, optional kit available from teacher; click here to download the supply list for this course



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