gcc cutwork shadow trapunto closegcc cutwork shadow trapuntoThree mini courses are included to be used as a notebook course or to incorporate into the included project. The cutwork butterfly is worked with basic stitches which can be cut out and used as an appliqué or left on the ground fabric as the focal point of a towel, quilt square, or item of choice. Shadow work is stitched on the back side of a sheer fabric allowing the color to show through and create a gentle ‘shadowed’ pattern. Trapunto is a lovely embellishment for clothing or decorative use in the home, by running a cord or yarn through a stitched channel. Shadow work and trapunto can be incorporated into the same design to form an interesting pattern. The cut work can be used as an ‘add on’ such as a flower or butterfly. Each technique is written for the beginner who will be well versed by the final stitches. All projects are quick, inexpensive, and fun to do.


Teacher: Luan Callery

Project: Notebook, quilt square, clothing embellishment

Fabric: Batiste, linen, organdy

Threads: Stranded cotton and pearl cotton

Colors: As pictured or student's choice

Proficiency Level:  Beginner in these techniques with basic embroidery knowledge

Prerequisites: Love of embroidery

Time: Three to four meetings/months

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $30 per student

Supplies (approximate): $22 or $12 if sharing; click here to download the supply list for this course



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