GCC Poppies PhotoInspired by the colors of summer, and using Appleton Wool to capture the feel of these vibrant crewel flowers, Poppies takes a modern approach to a traditional needlework technique, creating a floral design that is simple snd pleasing to any taste.

As embroidery is an individualized art, so should color and texture be. You may select purple, red, yellow, or whatever color you fancy. Four different color cominbations are listed but you are encouraged to choose your favorite. Ground fabric can be moiré as shown or a closely woven fabric. Guidelines are provided to help you create a piece suitable to your unique style.

This crewel piece uses thread painting techniques to accent the shadows and add depth. Appleton is a medium-weight crewel wool with a loft making it quite forgiving - very helpful for those who fear long and short shading. To further help achieve success, diagrams are provided throughout the text to guide the direction of your stitches.

Long and short is the primary stitch used to blend the various hues of the petals. Long split stitches make up the stems. Fine details are completed with back stitches, seeding, and bullino knots in DMC floss.

Teacher: Luan Callery

Project: Framed piece

Size: 5" x 5"

Fabric: Off white moiré and muslin, 12" x 12"

Threads: Appleton crewel wool, DMC cotton embroidery floss

Colors: Green, blue, yellow, rust, and poppy in red oranges; alternatives available for yellow, purple, or red/pink poppies

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate/advanced

Prerequisites: Knowledge of long and short shading desirable

Time: Six months, four meetings

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $35

Supplies (approximate): $25; click here to download the supply list for this course