Step 1: Drop-yoke dress, blouse, or nightgown embellished with a design that shows competence in the basic stitches and dress construction.

Step 2:  An inset panel featuring an original landscape or other natural scene mounted on a tote bag, purse, pillow, apron front, or dress pinafore. The article must demonstrate mastery of stacked cables/picture smocking.

Step 3: Smocking shaped into a three-dimensional object, such as a hat, box covering, stuffed animal, lampshade, or holiday ornament. The design must incorporate lattice smocking with decorative embroidery stitches overlaid.

Step 4:  Reproduction of a traditional English smock, including Dorset feather stitching and handmade buttons.

Step 5: A bishop dress, blouse or nightgown with smocking design incorporating ribbon, beads, and bullion knot flowers.

Step 6:  An original design that demonstrates flawless control of a variety of stitches used in smocking, garment construction techniques, and knowledge of color and design.

Judging: April and October

Judging Criteria: Stitching techniques, construction techniques, selection of appropriate materials, use of color and design, and ability to follow directions.


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