Step 1:  Rhythm and balance: a stitched piece created by developing a motif into repeat composition.

Step 2: Proportion and scale: a piece reflecting the principle that proportion equals the correct and perfect relationship of all parts within a whole.

Step 3:  Emphasis and harmony: a composition based on an historical or ethnic theme, with three different related stitch charts, one of which is stitched.

Step 4: Space, motion, and line: a stitched piece consisting of vertical or horizontal lines to demonstrate these themes.

Step 5: Form, shape, light, and texture: a composition based on object rubbings, with an accompanying stitched piece.

Step 6:  A composition demonstrating mastery of the principles and elements of design.

Judging: May and November

Judging Criteria: This program differs from other Master Craftsman categories by its very nature. Rather than demonstrating knowledge of a specified technique, candidates us their chosen needlework medium to demonstrate knowledge of design principles and elements.


Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces


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