*NEW* A Trio of Treasures
with Judy Jeroy

 TrioOfTreasures Set wLabels Small

Here is your opportunity to stitch a set of three Crewel needlework accessories: Pincushion, Needle Book, and Scissors Case. This is a four-lesson class with complete finishing instructions for the pieces in the final lesson. You will learn buttonhole, chain, whipped chain, twisted chain, close fly, outline, stem, whipped spider, and soft shading stitches. Five color families of Appleton crewel wools (18 skeins) are supplied when ordering the course and kit, allowing you to work in either of two color ways.

Registration is now closed.

Class Dates: May 31 - June 21

Skill Level:   Beginner

Design Area: Varies from 2.5” x 3.5” to 2.5” x 2.5”

Pricing options:

  • Course Only (not including kit): $45
  • Course and Kit: $105 + shipping
  • Prices for Canada and International members will be available at the store when registration starts.

Kit Contents:

  • 18 Appleton crewel wool skeins: purple 102, 103, 104, 105 – green 352, 353, 354, 355 – yellow 841, 471, 473 – aqua 481, 482, 183, 484, 485 – red 502, 503.
  • Linen twill fabric 12” x 15” with design transferred.
  • Chenille needles size #24

Additional Supplies Needed (not included in the kit): 5” or 6” screw-adjustable hoop, embroidery scissors, lining fabric, and stiffening for the scissors case and needle book. 


April 7

Registration Opens

May 5 Registration Closes
Around May 17 Kits & Texts Mailed to the Students with the Welcome Letter
May 31 Lesson 1 Posted On Website
June 7 Lesson 2 Posted On Website
June 14 Lesson 3 Posted On Website
June 21 Lesson 4 Posted On Website


About the Teacher:

Judy Jeroy is an EGA certified teacher of crewel embroidery and canvas embroidery as well as a Certified Teacher Graduate and a Certified Judge. She has her Master Craftsman in both Crewel and Canvas and has served on the faculty of numerous national and region seminars. Judy is the author of Creative Crewel Embroidery, published by Lark Books in 1998. She has held numerous administrative positions in the Mid-Atlantic Region and at the national level.


The course discussion forum will be set up on the EGA website.  You will need to be able to log in to the "Members Only" area of the website in order to access the posted lessons and discussion.  If you have any questions, please email education@egausa.org. 



Some of our Previous Classes

Time To Be Happy
with Denise Harrington-Pratt

This fun, contemporary sampler was taught in an 8-lesson class featuring a plethora of counted stitches, some of which students may not have encountered before. Some of the stitches were: nun, rapid, French, double-running, zig-zag Palestrina, alternating double back, Ohio star, triple back, celestial eyelet, wrapped triangular eyelet and many more.



Fifty Shades of Pai(sley)
with Amee K. Sweet-McNamara

Fifty Shades of Pai(sley) was an exotic exploration of exciting textile techniques that covered basic soutache techniques such as Aligning & Stacking, Backing & Edge-Beading. Experienced stitchers were able to add new skills to their repertoire: Inlays, Working with Twisted Cord, Making Pinwheels, Incorporating Shibori Ribbon as well as several styles of bead embroidery.

 FiftyShades Main


Creating Beaded Gardens
with Nancy Eha

A class for all experience levels where students learned a variety of Crazy Beading stitches.  Crazy beading is an original technique of Nancy’s where she has devised a method of accurately and uniformly replicating embroidery stitches with beading patterns. Students learned to create a variety of beaded vines, petals, leaves, stamen, grapes, wisteria, and berries using mostly small size 11 seed beads.

 Creating Beaded Gardens Main



Gilded Pomegranate
with Deborah Merrick-Wilson

This class introduced embroiderers to the art of traditional English goldwork at the beginning and intermediate levels. A discipline unto itself, no previous experience with metal threads was necessary. Techniques covered included invisible couching with gilt pearl purl, contoured chipping, “S”ing and “Z”ing, pattern stitching, gilt spangle and gold seed bead attachment, padding with English felt and bumpf, and proud looped chipping. Suggestions for optional, open patterned background treatments will also be provided.


 Gilded Pomegranate



Patriotic Sparklers #2
with Margaret Bendig

The red, white and blue Patriotic Sparklers came in two different sets. There were seven different projects in this course and when students posted their photo of the seven stitched patterns, they received a bonus pattern to add to your collection of Sparklers!

 patriotic sparklers set2

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