Scene to Stitch: Design and Stitching for Perspective

$175.00 each


Scene to Stitch ImageFrom Scene to Stitch: A Course in Design and Stitching Perspective is a step-by-step course for those who wish to study and learn the elements that comprise a successfully designed and stitched landscape in canvas embroidery, while taking advantage of the one-on-one student-teacher conversation that an ICC offers. Unlike set projects, students work on their own unique project based on a landscape photo or sketch of their choosing.  


Lesson 1. Evaluating a scene: taking photographs, techniques for creating a pleasing design

Lesson 2. Analyze value in color: the importance of value in design, gray scale, seeing value in composition, seeing value through color

Lesson 3. Line and shape: line and shape as design elements, creating a line design, choosing canvas, drawing perspective

Lesson 4. Thread type, texture, and color: thread type and texture, color wheel, mixing colors, color attributes

Lesson 5. Stitches, size, and direction: stitching for perspective, special stitching techniques, annotating a stitch guide

Lesson 6. Stitching: transferring a line design to canvas, coloring the canvas, mounting the canvas, evaluating your work as you stitch


Prerequisites: Access to a digital or film camera, printer, copier, and e-mail
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate
Fee: $175
Text and Kit: $75 for ICC text and kit, which includes tracing paper, laminate sheet, gray scale and value finder, color wheel, gummed labels, red and green transparency, basic acrylic paint set
Approximate Cost of Supplies: $30–50
Cost for Optional Book: $56 for Threadscapes, by Lois Kershner

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