These embroideries are examples of using the EGA logo as the start of a new design.  Each of the following can be seen on the technique wall at EGA headquarters.

stl ega logo
Instructions/Logo Chart
Linda Ormesson 1972 | Nina Soltwedel 1980


September 2003
Crewel stitched
by Judy Jeroy
 Double Running Patterns stitched
by Lori Bell
 Cross Stitch stitched
by Elsa Krueger
 October 2003
Ayshire Embroidery stitched
by Suzanne Cowden
Silk and Metal stitched
by Kay Strong
Canvas work stitched
by Cathy Studer
Surface Stitches on
Congress Cloth stitched
by Elizabeth Johnson
Brazilian Embroidery stitched
by Meredith Maharg
December 2003
Unconventional Canvaswork stitched
by Barbara Biehle
Battenburg Lace stitched
by Suzanne Jones
Net Darning stitched
by Bernice Beverstein

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