• stl american flag pinDesign size: 7/8 x 11/4
  • 24-count canvas, white, grey, or light blue: 2 x 21/2
  • 24 length of stranded cotton floss, 1 each: red, white & blue
  • Each graph line represents one canvas thread.

When you use six-stranded cotton on canvas, always separate and recombine the required number of strands. When you take your first stitch, you will line up the strands across a larger needle (or laying tool) and place them on the canvas so that: the strands lie side by side and are not twisted This allows for a smoother appears on your finished piece.

stl american flag pin 1

Use three strands of floss for all stitching.

Begin with a waste knot in the upper left corner.

Locate the center. Start with the lowest right blue Smyrna Cross.

stl american flag pin 2

Work to the left, completing four Smyrna Crosses in the lowest row of the blue field. Continue stitching the middle row, left to right. Complete the top row, right to left. End thread.

Begin the red Scotch stitch, the right-hand side of the top row of blue Smyrna Crosses. Complete three Scotch Stitches. Notice that the middle Scotch Stitch is reversed in the direction. End thread.

stl american flag pin 3

Repeat three red Scotch stitches, the right-hand side of bottom row of blue Smyrna Crosses. Again the middle Scotch stitch is reversed. End thread.

At the left edge of the lowest row of Smyrna Crosses, count down five (5) canvas threads (four canvas threads for the Rice Stitch in white and the fifth canvas thread to begin Stitch #1 of the last row of red Scotch stitches). Stitch seven red Reverse Scotch Stitches. End thread.

stl american flag pin 4

Begin the short row of white Rice Stitches, the left edge. Do stitches 1 and 2, then stitches a through h to complete each stitch separately.

Stitch the long row white Rice Stitches, again starting, the left edge.

Stitch white Upright Crosses to represent the stars in the blue field. Use three strands of white floss or use fine (#8) metallic braid in white or pearl. Sequins or beads could also be used in place of the Upright Crosses.

Trim and finish as desired.

Carol Light, Light House Designs, Mount Gretna, PA
Permission granted to copy from EGA website for personal & chapter use only
© 1995 Light House Designs

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