101 - Christmas Cube101 BiggsKurdy ChristmasCube3

by Kurdy Biggs
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Create an heirloom when you stitch this exquisite Christmas Cube. Using a variety of Jessica, Crescent, Amadeus and Walneto stitches with rich silk and sparkling threads, crystals, and beads, this ornament is sure to become a holiday favorite. Choose a white/silver canvas for a bright glow, or a brown canvas for a more vintage look. When the stitching is completed you will turn Christmas Cube into an iridescent 3D cube, or box.


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102 - Monogram Your Initials102 BonneauStephanie Monogram1

by Stephanie Bonneau
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Monograms are an important part of bespoke tailoring and slippers, especially for the Lords and the Royal Family of Great Britain. Learn how to embroider your own.


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103 - Nutcracker Santa103 CaseyJanetZickler NutcrackerSanta2

by Janet Zickler Casey
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Nutcracker Santa is a delightful ornament that will look fantastic on your Christmas tree. It is the latest in a collection of Santa heads that are inspired by Polish glass ornaments. This ornament is stitched with a variety of rich and sparkling threads including Very Velvet, Ribbon Floss, Splendor Silk, Fuzzy Stuff, and Kreinik Metallics. Stitches and techniques used include basketweave, laid filling stitches, padded satin, and couching.


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104 - Strawberry
104 JacksonCynthia Strawberry1

by Cynthia Jackson
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Strawberry is inspired by botanical illustrations of fruits and flowers published in England in the 16th century. The delicate flower and delectable fruits sparkle with highlights of silver and hints of gold. Layers of colored silks worked in simple embroidery stitches are combined with introductory metal thread techniques including the use of pearl purl and chipping. The project will be embroidered on a cream silk ground.


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105 - Illusion of Dimension
105 JordanCatherine IllusionofDimension1

by Catherine Jordan
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Create and enhance the illusion of dimension with techniques that are easily incorporated into needlework design. Working with Zentangle® inspired art, this class will explore the use of shadows, highlights, shading, overlapping, and coloring effects. Learn how to utilize these techniques with actual dimension for both faux and real spectacular results. A fun class for those who are ready to take their work to the next level! No previous art or Zentangle experience required.


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106 - An Elegant Brooch
106 JudtKaye ElegantBrooch1

by Kaye B. Judt
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Feel like royalty when you wear your embroidery. In this introduction to goldwork class you will learn the basics of embroidering with gold pearl purl, gold check, and gold-colored Kreinik and Accentuate metallic threads. Students will have their choice of white or black silk dupioni bakground.


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107 - Rose Rondel
107 KinseyMargaret RoseRondel2

by Margaret Kinsey
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Create this lovely Rose Rondel worked with rozashi silk threads. The stitches are the irregular stitch, line stitch, ichi dan straight, and ni dan step stitch. The silk and metallic threads are designed especially for the ro.


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108 - Snow on the Mountain
108 SandersKim SnowontheMountain5

by Kim Sanders
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Join me for an adventure in texture. Snow on the Mountain, a show towel, combines pulled, drawn and counted thread embroidery. The smooth silkiness of satin stitch contrasts with the roughness of feather stitch and the openness of drawn thread. Students will learn to pull and withdraw threads, secure open areas with hemstitching and cut a buttonholed edge. Working on a bookmark sized sampler students will complete each row of the design in class. Later they may individualize their towels with any desired design changes.


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