106 - An Elegant Brooch
106 JudtKaye ElegantBrooch1

by Kaye B. Judt
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Feel like royalty when you wear your embroidery. In this introduction to goldwork class you will learn the basics of embroidering with gold pearl purl, gold check, and gold-colored Kreinik and Accentuate metallic threads. Students will have their choice of white or black silk dupioni bakground.


Technique: Surface embroidery

Proficiency: Intermediate

Kit Cost: $25

Design Area: 2½” round

Kit Contents: Silk dupioni ground fabric, white muslin lining fabric, unbleached muslin practice fabric; gold pearl purl, gold bright check, Kreinik braid, Accentuate, yellow sewing thread; needles, transfer tissue, Swarovski® crystal rivoli, beeswax, backing fabric, cotton batting, acid-free cardboard forms, pinback, instruction booklet.

Student to bring: 4" embroidery hoop, scissors to cut threads and scissors to cut metal, needle threader, sewing thread to match the brooch fabric, beading mat, firm tweezers, mellor (may be helpful if you own one), fine point (0.7mm) lead pencil any hardness, straight pins, and optional light and magnification.


106 JudtKaye ElegantBrooch2