104 - Strawberry
104 JacksonCynthia Strawberry1

by Cynthia Jackson
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Strawberry is inspired by botanical illustrations of fruits and flowers published in England in the 16th century. The delicate flower and delectable fruits sparkle with highlights of silver and hints of gold. Layers of colored silks worked in simple embroidery stitches are combined with introductory metal thread techniques including the use of pearl purl and chipping. The project will be embroidered on a cream silk ground.


Technique: Traditional 16th century embroidery

Proficiency: Intermediate

Kit Cost: $75

Design Area: 4” X 4”

Kit Contents: Silk fabric with design, silk thread, a variety of metal threads in silver and gold, needles, color illustrated instruction booklet.

Student to bring: Wax, silk scissors, metal scissors, cutting board, 6” hoop, tape, stand or clamp for hands free stitching, magnifier and supplementary lighting (if required for very fine work), pencil, fading marker and standard embroidery supplies.


104 JacksonCynthia Strawberry2