307 - Casalguidi Needlework Purse
307 GoaleyPatricia CasalguidiPurse2

by Patricia Goaley
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Create an heirloom traditionally carried by northern Italian brides at weddings and the best of occasions. Learn the methods for constructing the drawstring and tassels. Stitches include Casalguidi, hem stitching, Italian four-sided (modified Gayant), detached buttonhole, buttonhole, and a traditional joining stitch. Examples of Casalguidi embroidery from the town of Casalguidi in Pistoia, Tuscany will be shared.


Technique: Casalguidi

Proficiency: Beginner

Pre-work: Framing up prior to class.

Kit Cost: $100

Design Area: 8" x 6¾”

Kit Contents: 38-count Special Embroidery Graziano Puro Lino, Ritorto Fiorentino cotton

Student to bring: Scroll or slate frame, magnification, lighting 


307 GoaleyPatricia CasalguidiPurse1