306 - Entwined
306 GerdesToni Entwined2

by Toni Gerdes
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Diamonds, hexagons, squares and rectangles entwine to create this intriguing design, enhanced by dramatic red, gray, and black colors. You will explore many different shades and textures of metallic, silk, and cotton threads as you create the shapes that entwine so captivatingly. The shapes evolve on the beautiful gray background fabric with the unusual dragon scale beads.


Technique: Canvas

Proficiency: Intermediate, Advanced

Kit Cost: $145

Design Area: About 8” x 14”

Kit Content: Line-drawn smoke gray Congress cloth, all threads (including cotton floss, metallics, overdyeds, and a variety of silks), needles, dragon scale beads, and instructions.

Students to bring: 12” x 18” stretcher bars and usual stitching supplies 


306 GerdesToni Entwined4

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