201 - Illusion
201 BayTerri Illusion1

by Terri Bay
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Illusion is a diamond within diamond framed whitework and pulled thread design. The pulled thread stitches create a lacy look without any cutting of the fabric. Learn over 15 stitches while gaining proficiency in stitching with differing levels of tension. Stitches include eyelets, spot eyelets, double cable, faggot, and a variation of the Ukrainian topwinder.


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202 - A Tisket, A Tasket
202 BiggsKurdy TisketTasket3

by Kurdy Biggs
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A Tisket, A Tasket, a green and yellow basket… Come join me and stitch a basket of geometric leaves and flowers while exploring many variations of Jessica and Crescent stitches. The baskets will be brought to life using Treenway Silks threads, including Tangiers fine cord, ribbon, perle silks, along with Kreinik metallics. A variety of crystals and beads will be added for dimension and sparkle. Choose from three colorways.


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203 - Coy Koi
203 CaseyJanetZickler CoyKoi

by Janet Zickler Casey
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Coy Koi is an elegant, hard shelled minaudière. The front of the purse depicts a beautiful Koi swimming amongst the cherry blossoms floating on the water. The back is a Sashiko-inspired design stitched in delicate metallic threads. Coy Koi is available in a choice of two colors, stitched in a combination of silks, Kreinik metallics, sequins, and beads. Instruction will include creating a beaded handle to attach to the purse.


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204 - Rose Sampler
204 CormaciBolesSandie RoseSampler1

by Sandie Cormaci-Boles
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The Rose Sampler boasts a lovely palette of rose and green threads as well as a quote from “The Secret Garden”. The techniques included in the sampler are: cross stitch, bead attachment, oblong cross stitch, backstitch, double running stitch, upright cross, four-sided stitch, herringbone, satin stitch, barrier, plait, Montenegrin and creating a personal monogram.


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205 - Raku Pendant Lariat
205Barbara RakuPenda

by Barbara Ellis
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Create this one-of-a-kind raku pendant featuring a “Tree of Life” adorned with various seed beads and pearls. The pendant is suspended on a unique beaded lariat chain featuring the new “peanut bead”. Students will learn basic bead embroidery stitches including the back, stop and brick stitch, and optional Russian spiral necklace.


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206 - Songbird
206 GerdesToni Songbird1

by Toni Gerdes
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Songbird pays homage to needle arts of the middle to late 1700s. Old, damaged needlework, brought to America by colonists, was discovered in 1896 by two women in a museum near Deerfield, MA. The women set out to reproduce the work and became known as the Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework. Songbird utilizes some of the Society’s charming, whimsical designs, brought to life with modern silk threads and a touch of metallic. Laid filling patterns and classic embroidery stitches result in a contemporary piece honoring our past.


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207 - 17th Century Style Silk Pincushion
207 GoaleyPatricia 17thCenturyStylePincushion1

by Patricia Goaley
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Adorned in fine silk shantung with 14 karat gold-plated beads and real gold threads, this silk pincushion will add an elegant touch to your needlework cabinet. Long and short silk painting using Au Ver a Soie is consistent with the style and colors of the 17th century fine embroideries found on needlework caskets. Stitches include long and short, split stitch, stem stitch, detached buttonhole, and ladder. A finishing example will be made so you will be able to assemble the piece as soon as the embroidery is completed.


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208 - Music in the Garden Sewing Box
208 GomolaMarshPapay MusicintheGarden3

by Marsha Papay Gomola
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A warm spring day in the garden would not be complete without the beautiful songs of the birds. Learn several techniques used to create contemporary raised embroidery while working on the charming sewing box.


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