209 - Elizabethan Rose
209 JacksonCynthia ElizabethanRose1

by Cynthia Jackson
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This pretty motif is inspired by the embroidery decorating accessories worn during the reign of Elizabeth I. It is an intriguing combination of colorful silk embroidery and basic goldwork techniques using colored metal threads. A Tudor rose, strawberries and borage blooms in colored silk are entwined with delicate stems and leaves using metal threads on a silk satin ground dotted with sparkling gold spangles.


Technique: Surface embroidery with goldwork

Proficiency: Basic, Intermediate

Design area: 5” x 5”

Kit Cost: $90 Kit contents: Silk fabric with design, silk thread, metal threads, needles and color illustrated instruction booklet.

Student to bring: Magnifier and supplementary lighting (if required), laying tool, wax, silk scissors, metal scissors, cutting board, 12” scroll bars, 8” side bars with knobs, stand or clamp for hands free stitching and standard sewing kit.


209 JacksonCynthia ElizabethanRose2


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