205 - Raku Pendant Lariat
205Barbara RakuPenda


by Barbara Ellis
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Create this one-of-a-kind raku pendant featuring a “Tree of Life” adorned with various seed beads and pearls. The pendant is suspended on a unique beaded lariat chain featuring the new “peanut bead”. Students will learn basic bead embroidery stitches including the back, stop and brick stitch, and optional Russian spiral necklace.


Technique: Bead weaving

Proficiency: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate

Kit Cost: $85

Design Area: 1½” X 3” with an optional 18” adjustable Russian Spiral Necklace

Kit Contents: Full Instructions with diagrams and photos, raku cabochon, stiff backing, Ultrasuede®, accent drops, peanut beads, seed beads, accent pearls or fire-polished crystals, beading needles, Fireline® thread, glue 


205Barbara RakuPendab




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