204 - Rose Sampler
204 CormaciBolesSandie RoseSampler1

by Sandie Cormaci-Boles
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The Rose Sampler boasts a lovely palette of rose and green threads as well as a quote from “The Secret Garden”. The techniques included in the sampler are: cross stitch, bead attachment, oblong cross stitch, backstitch, double running stitch, upright cross, four-sided stitch, herringbone, satin stitch, barrier, plait, Montenegrin and creating a personal monogram.


Technique: Counted thread

Proficiency: Intermediate

Kit Cost: $69

Design Area: 12½” x 3¾”

Kit Contents: 19” x 10” 32-count Belfast olive green linen, pearl cotton, glass beads, DMC® floss, hand overdyed silk, tapestry and beading needles, practice cloth and thread, instruction book

Student to bring: Embroidery scissors required; light and magnification, bars & tacks, q-snaps or hoops, and laying tool recommended


204 CormaciBolesSandie RoseSampler2