209 - Elizabethan Rose
209 JacksonCynthia ElizabethanRose1

by Cynthia Jackson
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This pretty motif is inspired by the embroidery decorating accessories worn during the reign of Elizabeth I. It is an intriguing combination of colorful silk embroidery and basic goldwork techniques using colored metal threads. A Tudor rose, strawberries and borage blooms in colored silk are entwined with delicate stems and leaves using metal threads on a silk satin ground dotted with sparkling gold spangles.


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210 - Compass Box
210 JordanCatherine CompassBox1

by Catherine Jordan
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This keepsake box is adorned with a compass rose on top and a 3-D gem-like painted centerpiece; inside, an extremely padded landscape speaks to our journey on many levels. Techniques include painting on fabric to create a reflective gemstone, painting shadows and highlights, covering a ring bezel for the padded gemstone, spectacular padding effects, and easy finishing. A wonderful project for those who are ready to move to the next level in their needlework!


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211 - Crazy for Color
211 JudtKaye CrazyforColor1

by Kaye B. Judt
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Don't go crazy deciding on colors of floss and stitches to use for your next project. Let this class relieve your fears. You will learn basic color theory painlessly as well as add a bevy of more than two dozen surface embroidery stitches to your repertoire using a rainbow of 36 thread colors. You will explore the effect of colored backgrounds on color embroidery and create your own color wheel and value scale with Color-aid papers. The resulting 12" pillow will show off your skills as an embroiderer beautifully.


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212 - Ginger Jar
212 KinseyMargaret GingerJar2

by Margaret Kinsey
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Our Ginger Jar creates a lovely picture with the wisteria worked in Rozashi silks, brocade, and metallic threads. The purples and blue are true to the color palette of the Heian period in Japan. The stitches are traditional to Rozashi.


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213 - Romanesque Bracelet and Necklace
213 MeisterMaggie Romanesque2

by Maggie Meister
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Romanesque Bracelet & Necklace was inspired by the many examples of Romanesque architecture and motifs in the Emilia Romagna area of northeast Italy, and handicrafts of the Ars Canusina movement in the town of Canossa, also in northern Italy. These pieces are the second in Maggie’s architecture series; the Romanesque arch is integral to both designs. The pieces are made with cubic right-angle weave, odd-count Peyote, and embellishments. The tassel also has a dome using circular brick stitch.


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214 - Fleur-de-Lis with Flair
214 RobertsMichele FleurdeLis1

by Michele Roberts
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This goldwork fleur-de-lis is fresher and visually lighter than the classic symbols of the cities named for French Kings – Louisville, St. Louis, New Orleans. Embellished with reflective jewels asymmetrically balanced into a stable triangle, and curve lines anchored with pearls, spangles, montées and shaped crystals. Depth of perspective is achieved by using graduated sizes of gold and other embellishments. The design combines the themes of the gold-embroidered clothes of 18th century French royalty with the look of the corner of an illuminated medieval manuscript.


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215 - Kentucky Wreath of Roses Needlebook and Pinkeep
215 RobertsonCanby KentuckyWreathRoses2

by Canby Robertson
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The iconic award in the annual running of the Kentucky Derby is a wreath of roses placed on the neck of the winner. Commemorate EGA’s 60th anniversary by constructing a needlebook and pinkeep to celebrate your seminar experience in Louisville. For the cover, use Au ver à Soie silk on linen to embroider a wreath of roses and leaves around an area of trailing used to form the words, “Pins and Needles.” A pocket for a needle threader is on the inside.


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216 - Crewel Necessities
216 SandersKim CrewelNecessities1

by Kim Sanders
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Organize your favorite tools in a beautifully embroidered huswife. Crewel Necessities is a good introduction for those new to crewel embroidery. The variety of stitches will hold the interest of those familiar with crewel. Tips on handling crewel wool, creating smooth satin stitch and sharp corners, and invisibly joining a new thread insure success. Finishing techniques demonstrated in class can be applied to future projects. Lecture in class will discuss how traditional crewel colors were dyed and the use of thread conserving stitches.


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