401 - Haute Couture Flower
401 BonneauStephanie HauteCoutureFlower1

by Stephanie Bonneau
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This charming Haute Couture Flower brooch is created from silver wire, seed beads, Swarovski beads, and silver pearl purl. It will add elegance to any ensemble. Learn tambour beading and how to work with bondoweb.


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402 - Appraising Needlework
402 ChristianCheryl AppraisingNeedlework1

by Cheryl Christian
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In this class, a requisite for the EGA-Certified Appraiser Program, students will learn the fundamentals of appraising needlework, embroidery, quilts, and textiles for such purposes as obtaining insurance, filing for damages, selling items, or donating articles. Students will also learn the various types of value and how they are concluded. Time will also be allotted to conducting referenced research and practicing writing appraisals. Sessions will focus on professional practices, including ethical conduct, client relationships, document preparation, file maintenance, and other concerns.


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403 - Warwick Garden Tree of Life
403 CurrierCarol WarwickGardenTreeofLife1

by Carol Peao Currier
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Enjoy a stroll through the gardens of Warwick Castle where peacocks freely roam. This traditional crewel tree of life design will include both intermediate stitches and unique applications of stitch patterns, including woven and laid stitches. Several metal embellishments and variegated crewel wool enhance the garden design. Students will be encouraged to experiment with stitch and color variations.


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404 - Lighthouse Landscapes
404 DiuguidKatherine LighthouseLandscapes1

by Katherine Diuguid
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Lighthouses are an iconic coastal motif and provide endless inspiration for artists. Their images foster feelings of safety, security and hope. In this workshop, students will learn a variety of traditional and non-traditional applique and goldwork embroidery techniques to create their own lighthouse landscape composition. Impressionist coastal landscapes will be discussed and their color mixing studied for inspiration for each student’s unique composition.


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405 - Fifty Shades of Gray and a Red
405 HayfordIndia FiftyShadesofGrayandRed1

by India Hayford
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Fifty Shades of Gray and a Red is a contemporary sampler comprised of nearly three dozen blackwork, needlepoint, and needle weaving stitches. The combination of single color and variegated fine pearl cotton threads plus an unconventional layout gives the piece depth and movement not usually found in samplers.


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406 - Glass House Fuchsias
406 HeazlewoodMerrilyn GlassHouseFuchsias2

by Merrilyn Heazlewood
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Exotic fuchsias hang in a century-old glass house. These uniquely attractive flowers are created with white and variegated silk ribbon; metal braid adds sparkle to the stamens. Variations of traditional needlepoint stitches in soft tones of grey create the effect of sunshine. Merrilyn’s Bow surrounds Glass House Fuchsias, delicately stitched with silk lame. Students will be required to have one or more flowers completed by the end of day four. Each flower created will have its own personality.


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407 - Rose Window407 OlsonDonna RoseWindowa

by Donna M. Olson
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Explore the classic techniques found in traditional Hardangersom while creating a charming doily. Learn techniques that make this form of embroidery easy to produce and fun to finish (no thread count errors allowed) and work samples of tricky stitches.


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408 - Autumn Tranquility
408 ReesJeanette AutumnTranquility1

by Jeanette Rees
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The quiet days of autumn have arrived. This peaceful forest scene is full of falling leaves and a fox relaxing near the river. Learn to use a variety of threads to create color and texture. The large tree, stitched on a separate piece of Congress cloth, is appliqued to the larger piece. Traditional and surface stitch techniques are suitable for intermediate stitchers, but also make this a fun learning experience for the more experienced stitcher. Use the canvas as a guide to stitch as directed and to personalize your work.


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