410 - Crane with Temari Balls
410 TamuraArata CranewithTemariBalls1

by Arata Tamura
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We welcome new, and intermediate, stitchers to enjoy the journey of Japanese embroidery through Crane with Temari Balls. Basic techniques such as weft, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, separated layers, and some couching techniques will be taught. Several advanced techniques, such as realistic effects, also will be covered. Participants may proceed to intermediate - advanced level stitching on other areas of this design if they have finished early and wish a further challenge.


Technique: Japanese Embroidery

Proficiency: Beginner through advanced intermediate

Kit Cost: $165

Design Area: 15" x 14"

Kit Contents: silk ground fabric in 3 color options (pink, gold and as pictured), silk threads, metallic threads, couching threads, beads, needles, mounting fabric

Student to bring: Kit cost does not include embroidery frame and tools which may be brought by the student, or purchased, or rented for $125. Arrangements can be made with Mr. Tamura upon receipt of his welcome letter. 


410 TamuraArata CranewithTemariBalls2



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