409 - Full Metal Flowers
409 SherbringMelinda FullMetalFlowers1


by Melinda Sherbring
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Full Metal Flowers is a sampler of twenty-four distinct Elizabethan surface stitches. Worked in six shades of metallic passing thread on high-count linen fabric, the student chooses either a square shape suitable for framing or a triangle similar to a 16th century forehead cloth. Uncommon stitches are worked first on large-mesh canvas to learn the thread’s path before being worked at the final size.


Technique: Elizabethan surface embroidery

Proficiency: Intermediate, Advanced

Kit Cost: $90

Design Area: 6" x 6.5" rectangle or a triangle 13” long x 6” high

Pre-work: 10-15 hours of thread outlining, or 2 hours of tracing, to transfer design

Kit Contents: White linen, white cotton muslin, metal threads, needles, beeswax, practice materials, and instruction book 


409 SherbringMelinda FullMetalFlowers3

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