404 - Lighthouse Landscapes
404 DiuguidKatherine LighthouseLandscapes1

by Katherine Diuguid
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Lighthouses are an iconic coastal motif and provide endless inspiration for artists. Their images foster feelings of safety, security and hope. In this workshop, students will learn a variety of traditional and non-traditional applique and goldwork embroidery techniques to create their own lighthouse landscape composition. Impressionist coastal landscapes will be discussed and their color mixing studied for inspiration for each student’s unique composition.


Technique: Applique, goldwork

Proficiency: All levels; hand sewing or embroidery experience recommended

Kit Cost: $150

Design Area: finished composition 5” x 7”; technique and color sampler 6” x 6”

Kit Contents: Digitally-printed linen cotton canvas, cotton backing, white cotton muslin for sample hoop, gilt and silver-plated smooth purls, gilt perle purl, variegated cotton embroidery floss, mica, embroidery needles and tissue paper 


404 DiuguidKatherine LighthouseLandscapes2

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