403 - Warwick Garden Tree of Life
403 CurrierCarol WarwickGardenTreeofLife1

by Carol Peao Currier
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Enjoy a stroll through the gardens of Warwick Castle where peacocks freely roam. This traditional crewel tree of life design will include both intermediate stitches and unique applications of stitch patterns, including woven and laid stitches. Several metal embellishments and variegated crewel wool enhance the garden design. Students will be encouraged to experiment with stitch and color variations.


Technique: Crewel embroidery

Proficiency: Intermediate

Kit Cost: $125

Design Area: 16” x 18”

Kit Contents: Linen with design applied, Appleton crewel wool, Painter’s Thread crewel wool, a variety of metal threads, needles and instructions.

Student to bring: Stretcher bars, hoop, usual stitching supplies, light and magnification 


403 CurrierCarol WarwickGardenTreeofLife2


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