402 - Appraising Needlework
402 ChristianCheryl AppraisingNeedlework1

by Cheryl Christian
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In this class, a requisite for the EGA-Certified Appraiser Program, students will learn the fundamentals of appraising needlework, embroidery, quilts, and textiles for such purposes as obtaining insurance, filing for damages, selling items, or donating articles. Students will also learn the various types of value and how they are concluded. Time will also be allotted to conducting referenced research and practicing writing appraisals. Sessions will focus on professional practices, including ethical conduct, client relationships, document preparation, file maintenance, and other concerns.


Technique: Appraising

Proficiency: All Levels

Kit Cost: $35

Kit Contents: Appraisal manual and CD/DVD

Optional: students may bring a laptop computer or iPad®-type device with a wireless internet capability

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