Education:  This information is a guide to help chapter members share their skills with children by teaching embroidery to and/or develop a lesson plan that can be used in teaching.

Finding a group:  The following are suggestions to locate a group of children to teach embroidery to: 

      • 4H Club
      • Girl Scouts
      • Boy Scouts
      • Boys & Girls Clubs
      • YMCA/YWCA
      • State/County Fairs
      • Public/private/charter schools
      • Art-related schools
      • Home schooling organizations
      • Libraries
      • Camps
      • Chapter members’ children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews.

Developing a lesson plan:  Suggested lesson plans are available for 6-9 year olds or those children 10 years old and over or you can develop your own. Also, see the Stitching Series created by the Gulfview Chapter as a resource and the Parent Consent form.  When teaching embroidery to children remember to make the design and class fun!  Also, the project should appeal to both girls and boys.  Remember these tips:

      • Keep it simple
      • Keep it colorful
      • Allow the children to be creative
      • Provide the stitching supplies needed
      • Have several chapter members involved in the teaching
      • Offer cookies and juice
      • Encourage and praise the students


Youth Membership

A person between 7 and 17 may join EGA through EGA or through a chapter. The annual youth membership fee is $15.

Click here to download the youth form to join directly through EGA. To join through a chapter, contact the chapter


Guides for Non-EGA Groups

EGA P&Ps for Chapters/Regions: Refer to Youth Program in EGA Policies; Section 1 General Policies. N. Youth Program and Membership for details about youth members in chapters and regions. EGA P&Ps are in Member Login.

Teaching Resources

Gulfview Chapter Stitching Series

Lesson Plan Teaching Children 6-9 years old

Lesson Plan Teaching Children 10+ years old

Parental Consent Form

Parental Consent Form

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